About Us

CardTradeHK(CTHK in short), is a small startup found in 2022. Our goal is to build a secure, fair and simple online platform for buying and selling trading cards.

On the launch of CTHK, our primary objective will be to ensure the security of trades on the platform. As such, we inevitably expect operations to be slower, such as enforcing strict verification on the authenticity of sellers and listing limits, in order to protect the rights of buyers. On launch, each seller will be granted a low listing limit (sellers who have submitted a sufficient trading history reference and maintained a good sales record will be granted a higher listing limit), that will be increased at a later stage based on seller sales history and feedbacks received on the platform.

We will gradually open our platform to foreign buyers and sellers, such that CTHK can be integrated into the international trading cards market.

From conception, design, development to implementation, CTHK has been in the works for over a year. In any case, the difficulty of a launch is always more than expected. We welcome all members to provide valuable opinions and suggestions, such that we can improve and perfect CTHK, share the endless enjoyment brought by the platform and grow together with the trading card industry.

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